rendering models of real world objects for AR, VR, MR & interactive installations... 

iSPARX are developing prescriptions for models on the Immersive Space Programme platform involving 3D, 360° & 2D assets & content.

360° streaming video live & on demand

IPS, Location & Proximity beacons

You can think about the beacon as a small lighthouse. But instead of light, it uses radio waves, and instead of ships, it alerts smartphones of its presence. Our beacons have a range of up to 200 meters.

Phones or other smart devices can pick up the beacon’s signal and estimate the distance by measuring received signal strength (RSSI). The closer you are to the beacon, the stronger the signal. Remember that the beacon is not broadcasting continuously—it’s blinking instead. The more frequent the blinks, the more reliable the signal detection.

And because Bluetooth Smart doesn’t require pairing, a phone can listen to many beacons at the same time. This unlocks more opportunities, for example indoor location.

Production & Publishing


— Plan BETA is an immersive media production house.

We choreograph exceptional 360° immersive media.

We're a New Zealand company with operations in Wellington & Auckland & a reach throughout Australasia, Asia, the Pacific & beyond...

Plan BETA produce experiential 360° media, VR/AR & 2D content, graphics, animation & immersive media from concept through design to capture, post & delivery.


Alpha State


Alpha State design & deliver commercial immersive media solutions for front end web development, graphics & industrial design; advanced video editing, visual fx & 3D models, LED screen tech' & content.
>> online / offline / live / interactive//



The Blend Network and Platform has been built specifically to empower 360° Video Creators.


The Blend team of Licensing experts have been licensing content to major Brands and Publishers for a long time and were the first people in the world to license 360° video content.


Blend run the world’s largest network of 360° video creators and have access to the largest global library of premium 360° video content, available to license for use on social media pages, website and for viewing in Virtual Reality headsets.


Blend's Platform has been designed to promote our work and services, so that a Brand or Publisher can explore working with us on new productions. Blend also run the world's largest 360° Videos page on Facebook.

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