Recruitment - new dev positions


The Immersive Space Programme has been on a recruitment drive...

We have recently filled key positions in our business team with the appointment of a new General Manager & an Account Manager (Tikanga); we've also engaged a 360° Videographer & 3D modeller.

Immersive Space Programme gained some prodigious contracts involving arts & events... so we're looking for motivated developers interested in immersive & 360° media - visual & audio; graphics, UI & UX designers; & proficient backend database developers.  Positions are available with the Lost Boys Team - our core team of developers who are young & highly motivated & coffee is important!

We're exploring new environments over the next few months as we enter in to the event season with some high profile festivals & sports fixtures that will involve our Augmented Reality... become part of a team that never has a dull day.  Experience is second to talent & ability.

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