iSPARX & Sheyne Tuffery

iSPARX & Sheyne Tuffery working on new digital works...

+ animation/moving image made with director and premiere, December 2000. Neopia is a made up word for New Apia "a modern futuristic Pacific City also animation was about my travels overseas and how you change when you come back home" - created by SHEYNE TUFFERY

iSPARX is working with Wellingtonian Fine Artist Sheyne Tuffery on a city wide installation involving concepts of Taonga & traditional architecture, our urban environment & augmented reality.

The installation involves authentic Taonga from the Te Papa collection in a response to the architecture of the Museum - an iconic building on the Wellington City waterfront & the juxtaposition of a contemporary presence with Tuffery's archived objects throughout the city...

Users will be able to view Te Papa & iconic architecture around Wellington City with their mobile devices & see & interact with impressive Augmented Reality Taonga & Tuffery's art... the Beehive & Wellington Railway Station will be transformed & the story of the entrance to the Westpac Stadium will explained...

"The items will be huge & imposing in context with the architecture they are augmenting" says iSPARX Producer Joff Rae "Sheyne Tuffery's work Neopia was ahead of it's time & a prediction of our values in this Augmented Reality work & after 20 years we are helping bring Te Papa out to the city..."

The project has been ongoing with Tuffery & the Lost Boys Digital team working on concept projects over the past year.

With iSPARX & the Lost Boys in Mahuki - the Te Papa incubator the scope & possibilities of the team are enhanced.

Mahuki is Te Papa's innovation incubator. It is part of Te Papa's digital vision — reaching beyond museum walls to connect people with our rich collections and experiences. By fostering successful businesses and ideas we'll help to transform the global cultural sector, and help New Zealand to become the technology and ideas-led nation we want to be.


Sheyne Tuffery - Fine Artist

A Wellington based multi-media visual artist; whose primary mediums are painting, animation and printmaking. His perhaps best known for the dynamic style of his prints and mixed media work. Tuffery describes himself as a paper architect who uses his work to create and represent his own cultural context and sense of belonging.
His prints and paintings often envisage Polynesia as a futuristic urban utopia; with the Samoa fale as the symbolic archetype for skyscrapers, apartment housing and rocketships (vaka). These works reflect Tuffery’s research into his Samoan heritage and symbolism, his travel wanderlust and his taste for big overseas cities.

They also reveal ongoing influences, the world of fantasy, comics and cartoons, which add a sense of immediacy and humour to his subject matter.