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case studies:



An entry level AR App the client asked for a custom feature - login to view a specific 3D model on a single shared target - the client business card.

Ditto capture 3D full body scans (we work with them often) & had a specific application for a tech savvy client base who would be attending the annual WETA party.  The requirement was for an AR App that clients could see their 3D model against the selected target... the Ditto business card or a custom website that would also have links to the App download.

We designed an App that allows the user to view their model using their email address in an ingenious UI & iSPARX cloud solution.



AR App experience for the Wellington City Council Events Team.

A free downloadable App on Google Play & iOS.

#WLG360AR interactive Augmented Reality App made specifically for the WCC Events team includes an AR triggered from various appropriate markers including an emblem on reusable coffee cups, team business cards, the WCC logo & some beacons & GPS coordinates around the city (with a notification).

Due to the unique dynamic delivery of assets to the App we would ensure an ability to update & change content to suit seasons... also a weekly calendar AR feature could be added.

Furthermore - there is scope to scale an AR game or responsive content to appeal to children (& older children) as an event vendor add on.


Pataka Logotype BW - square.jpg


Made by iSPARX for Pataka Gallery this App offers responsive AR to high end contemporary artworks in a gallery environment involving artefacts - Taonga from Te Papa Tongarewa, The National Museum of New Zealand.

The App was commissioned by Gallery Director & Curator Reuben Friend for Pataka Gallery & the exhibition in Winnipeg with an International Indigenous Conference on Aboriginal future technologies.

Involving Augmented Reality, 360° panoramic images & artist profiles with a customised asset viewer. 

New Zealand Māori artists working within digital environments

01 December 2017 – 20 January 2018

Opening Reception: December 01, 2017 from 8pm to 11pm
Where: Urban Shaman Aboriginal Art Gallery, 203-290 McDermot Ave. Winnipeg, MB

Artists: Reweti Arapere, Hana Rakena, Rachael Rakena, Kereama Taepa, Suzanne Tamaki, Johnson Witehira, Rangituhia HollisMade

Production & Publishing


— Plan BETA is an immersive media production house.

We choreograph exceptional 360° immersive media.

We're a New Zealand company with operations in Wellington & Auckland & a reach throughout Australasia, Asia, the Pacific & beyond...

Plan BETA produce experiential 360° media, VR/AR & 2D content, graphics, animation & immersive media from concept through design to capture, post & delivery including publishing & distribution.


Alpha State


Alpha State design & deliver commercial immersive media solutions for front end web development, graphics & industrial design; advanced video editing, visual fx & 3D models, LED screen tech' & content.
>> online / offline / live / interactive//



The Blend Network and Platform has been built specifically to empower 360° Video Creators.


The Blend team of Licensing experts have been licensing content to major Brands and Publishers for a long time and were the first people in the world to license 360° video content.


Blend run the world’s largest network of 360° video creators and have access to the largest global library of premium 360° video content, available to license for use on social media pages, website and for viewing in Virtual Reality headsets.


Blend's Platform has been designed to promote our work and services, so that a Brand or Publisher can explore working with us on new productions. Blend also run the world's largest 360° Videos page on Facebook.

Creative Commons License Immersive Space Programme Limited and other works by Plan BETA Limited is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License. Based on works at Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available at



Immersive Space Programme & iSPARX is a collaborative effort...


Plan BETA has independently developed the basis of the iSPARX product & has advanced the production process for 360° video & immersive media with Alpha STATE Limited & other sub contractors (3SIX0DEGREES Limited) including database & front end R&D & demonstration media.  Furthermore the company has developed streaming 2D & 360° video on multiple platforms & in AR & VR (Unity); established publishing & licensing; established & developed content websites; & maintained & developed relationships with suppliers & clients.


The Lost Boys provide iSPARX with 3D models & asset development including templates & practical examples.  The independent company Lost Boys Limited operate with autonomy in the GLAM sector & retain an interest in iSPARX; the company specialise in 3D asset production & development of standards & processing for the iSPARX platform.

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