#AKL360° App trailer

Preview the scenes of the anticipated #AKL360° App designed to showcase Auckland City... the trailer shows examples of the 360° video scenes including the Wynyard Quarter, Auckland Harbour Bridge, The Memorial Museum & other well known locations in the City.

The App is a free download App on Google Play for Android & the App Store for iOS - cardboard, GearVR & an Oculus version...
Auckland’s own interactive sphvreApp!

The #AKL360° App involves :

• an interactive tour of the city

• gaze control - hands free “look to navigate” control of the interactive features

• active hover over & responsive content including audio, 3D models & switches to enable changes in the scene

• a ‘home’ place with a clear menu & “return home” from each location

• 8 locations around the city & in view of the ‘home’

• dynamic 360° streaming content

AKL360° is suitable for trade & exhibit.  The Oculus install allows an output of the user’s view - watching what someone else is looking at… plus a giveaway published App from GooglePlay or iTunes!

Check out the #AKL360° trailer for a preview of some of the scenes... interactivity makes the experience so much more immersive - it's like having a virtual tour guide.