Pukana Whakarunga! Pukana Whakararo!

Pukana Whakarunga!
Pukana Whakararo!

Working with Curator & Artist Suzanne Tamaki & with exclusive access to Te Papa Artefacts & Collections.

This unique installation of immersive media utilises genuine artefacts & archives with state of the art new technology involving Augmented & Merged Reality that will surprise, excite & enlighten... where art & education are cohesively confused in an immersive statement.

pūkana whakarunga!
gaze wildly to the realm above!
pūkana whakararo! 
gaze wildly to the realm below!

"Tamaki presents these works as a functional element of her curatorial process establishing a purposeful & relative response to the works of the selected artists showing in the group exhibition... the interactive AR & MR are unique artistic presentations & works - it's clever & insightful that she uses genuine artefacts from the Te Papa Collections"

Authenticity comes into question through the physical and virtual exhibition experience, as the selected museum taonga are all replicas of original artefacts - even in real-life they are in a sense unreal. Tamaki’s inclusion of the replicas in the exhibition suggests they are no less valuable as taonga. 

Suzanne Tamaki & Wellington Mayor Justin Lester with the Toi App...

Suzanne Tamaki & Wellington Mayor Justin Lester with the Toi App...

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