iSPARX launch in June

Plan BETA is launching new immersive 360° media products...

360° streaming

Our selected platforms for delivery of 360° video content are Vimeo360, Facebook Live & JW Player - or alternatives to suit the client audience demographic & requirement.

Vimeo360 is a high quality delivery platform for 360° video content - up to 6K video on demand.

Facebook Live is the most accessible user format for our live streamed 360° video.  Additionally we upload 360° video & meta tagged stills to the social networking platform for access on the GearVR Facebook 360 App.

- JW Player -
Our preferred live streaming & on demand platform for web delivery & PlanBETApps is JW Player - the worlds most popular streaming network (since 2005).  We use JW Player for all our customised 360° & 2D video streaming - on demand or live.  We utilise JW Player on customised streaming sphvreApps & PlanBETAR - 360° integrated media & Augmented Reality Apps on mobile iOS & Android, iPad, GearVR, Oculus & premium headsets PSVR & HTC Vive, DayDream & cardboard... multiple platforms of delivery from one platform of media dissemination.

We produce every aspect of 360° streaming media - from direction & capture to multiple platform distribution & delivery.

Integrated Media
- Immersive Space Programme

IspaceP - made in the Immersive Space Programme the IspaceP is a customisable dynamic platform for Apps that can be badged with a clients logo or branded as individual products.  It is essentially an Augmented Reality Application (AR App) that integrates interactive assets responsive to user preferences & requests.  The App intuitively integrates 360° streaming immersive media & hyperlinks for a unique experience that the user will be prompted to return to on occasion.  The initial reward for the user is new experiences, offers & options; the ongoing functionality is a persistent attraction & high potential for virility & habit.

There are 4 core elements to the IspaceP platform:

• augmented reality - dynamic interactive AR assets & markers
• integration - 2D & 360° streaming media (live & on demand); hyperlinks (phone, email, web); conversational Artificial Intelligence
• locations - proximity & location beacons; indoor positioning systems (IPS) & GPS; responsive signs (beacons)
• markers - graphics / billboards, cARds, postARs, print, screens; architecture / sculptures, structures & buildings

The user & administrative UI are web based while the system platform is designed for mobile devices with extensive analytics & metrics.

The system of IspaceP is functional & aesthetically appealing.