iSPARX launched by Mayor Justin Lester

iSPARX launch exhibition opened by Wellington Mayor Justin Lester

Wellington Mayor Justin Lester will open the launch exhibition of the new iSPARX Augmented Reality platform by the Immersive Space Programme.

Plan BETA has been developing the Augmented Reality platform in a residency at Toi Poneke for the exhibition Pūkana whakarunga! Gaze wildly to the realm above! Pūkana whakararo! Gaze wildly to the realm below!

Physical and virtual taonga are unified in the exhibition Pūkana whakarunga! Pūkana whakararo! curated by Suzanne Tamaki. Referencing the heralding of Matariki, the exhibition brings heaven and earth into closer conversation. Contemporary artworks by leading and emerging Māori artists are paired with virtual taonga from the Museum of New Zealand Te Papa, accessed via visitors’ mobile devices. 

Featuring leading contemporary artists Reweti Arapere, Kauri Hawkins, Stevei Houkamau, Lonnie Hutchinson, Robyn Kahukiwa, Kereama Taepa, David Hakaraia James Lainchbury, Reuben Paterson & Ngatai Taepa.

The connection of contemporary and historic treasures in Pūkana whakarunga! Pūkana whakararo! offers a glimpse into how Māori symbolism, carving and ideologies have developed and morphed into new artistic practices. Authenticity comes into question through the physical and virtual exhibition experience, as the selected museum taonga are all replicas of original artefacts - even in real-life they are in a sense unreal. Tamaki’s inclusion of the replicas in the exhibition suggests they are no less valuable as taonga. 

Suzanne Tamaki has embraced the iSPARX Augmented Reality application from the outset. The idea of an Augmented Reality installation for Matariki was initially presented as traditional kites in a building - using architecture as markers... the idea was modified to suit the installation planned & Tamaki has presented an auspicious exhibition for the launch opportunity of iSPARX.

"Without Suzanne we wouldn't have embarked on this project" says Producer Joff Rae "she maintains the radical vision & courage required to consider the innovation & mystique of this technology in an artistic context... fascination, glamour & charisma is an inspired attitude!"

The exhibition is a precursor to working in Te Papa & other museums with the new GLAM sector targeted platform iSPARX.

iSPARX - The Immersive Space Programme augmented reality experience templates are changing the way we interact with the world. Turn everyday objects, images, and places into new opportunities for engagement through striking augmented reality experiences.

The Immersive Space Programme's platform iSPARX - designed for the GLAM sector includes a powerful drag-and-drop web studio that enables anyone to easily create, manage, and track augmented reality experiences.

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