iSPARX in Hinatore - Te Papa's learning lab

iSPARX make interactive content in Hinatore - Te Papa's learning lab

 NDF Innovative Use Of Technology Award 2017

NDF Innovative Use Of Technology Award 2017


Discover Rongowhakaata’s ancient tradition of kite making. Design and make your own manu whata, or kite – be inspired by Rongowhakaata’s customary designs.

Use the latest VR technology to put your kite into the virtual world where you can interact with it. Then share your manu whata with friends and whānau so they can fly it too!

Hinatore <learning Lab> of Te Papa partnered with the Rongowhakaata iwi exhibition and the Immersive Space Programme to provide this programme.

Hīnātore | Papa Ako

Create, innovate and collaborate. Explore Te Papa’s collections and exhibitions using cutting-edge technologies. Hīnātore | Learning Lab is where people of all ages can learn together.

The Immersive Space Programme & Ditto are capturing 3D models & dynamically placing them into a custom built iOS & Android Apps.

The Hinatore App involves a sophisticated build of an iSPARX App with 360° streaming video, 3D dynamic models in a 360° immersive space & featuring Augmented Reality models of Manu Whata... Ditto captured full body 3D photogrammetry models with the state of the art booth.

The Immersive Space Programme is proud to have delivered the Hinatore App.

The programme continues throughout October...

Appreciate art? ditto Like tech? ditto Love fun? ditto Ditto is the fun of realistically, and artistically, recreating yourself in 3D. Remember an occasion, achievement, or special person. Collect a whole sports team, your hero, or a precious pet. Why? Because you can. What you can do, is endless. Our mobile scanning booth (technology exclusive in NZ) takes less than a second to capture a second you. Once you have your high definition 3D images, you can have fun using them online, and printing beautiful impression full-colour figurines. Give memories substance. Make moments stand out. Ditto is all-round fun, for all.