iSPARX on local arts & international commercial projects...


The Immersive Space Programme by Plan BETA has been actively involved in the production of Wellington events - Pasifika Festival, Waitangi Day Commemorations & The Performance Arcade.

Working with MonstaVision/Techfront for vision provision & NJL/Plan BETA for stage production on the Wellington City Council events iSPARX provided scripted visual content to multiple LED wall video screens.  The professional concert staging, audio & lighting was provided internally.

Producing AR elements around the City & working with artist Reuben Friend on a visual installation "Cookie - Counter Narratives" for Performance Arcade the Immersive Space Programme by Plan BETA are also recognised as the Technical Partner for the Arcade... publishing the App PA2018 for iOS & Android >>

Performance Arcade 2018_fullsetv4.jpg

The iSPARX team have been working on significant AR & digital media projects with agency contact in Los Angeles & New York.  Working with a reputable media agency in New York on a daily schedule involving contact & discussion via Slack, Wrike & Skype... 5.30am starts & long days!

iSPARX have been developing concept for responsive Augmented Reality to broadcast elements with MonstaVision/Techfront.  Our International Agent had discussions with a reputable Agency in New York & the project brief has expanded from there.

The team have been commissioned to showcase at MediaLabs NBC Universal internal technology exposition in New York; & the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) expo with the Alice advanced photogrammetry system.

We are also building visualisations to statistics for live game play in major international sporting events for organisations & rights holders.  The AR element involved is unique in sports & immersive media...

iSPARX & Plan BETA will be recruiting this month in both digital & practical production roles - server admin with php dev; audio visual installation tech; animation & 3D models; front end development; & operations manager.

JoFF Rae