iSPARX x Alice - advanced 3D photogrammetry & augmented reality


iSPARX meets Alice

The Immersive Space Programme is working with 3Dcopysystems to achieve high quality accurate photogrammetry for our Entertainment & GLAM market offers on the iSPARX Platform & the Alice System...



The team at iSPARX discovered Alice when researching a red carpet concept for a major broadcast in Las Vegas... the company is based in Austria where with a strong presence in the USA - units based in Philadelphia & Miami & managed by Bart Hetrick.


"The Alice system for this type of photogrammetry system is the highest quality using SLR cameras & specifically designed lighting to achieve extremely high quality & accurate 3D models" says Dev Producer Joff Rae "the team can measure to a micron & we can pick the hairs out of knuckles & knees in the renders... it's just truely awesome & we want to work with this level of development!


The team from iSPARX & 3Dcopysystems are now working on collaborative & mutually beneficial projects involving entertainment & broadcast & will explore opportunities in Museums & Arts.  The primary collaboration is in development of protocols for processing captures to the iSPARX media platform - experiments including motion & sequential capture.


ALICE is a brand of 3D Studios that enable you to easily create 3D Sculptures of your clients. Our market experience of over 3 years allows us to offer you the best patent protected technology available in the market.


Big ALICE is the largest photogrammetric scanning studio of 3Dcopysystems‘ product family. With 64 DSLR cameras this studio does not only provide enough space for up to 6 persons but also it offers the highest resolution. Resolution is not only a driving factor for reconstructing an object‘s mesh but also for the quality of the accompanying texture (surface colour). So whenever texture plays a crucial role for your application a DSLR studio is what you are looking for.

little ALICE

little ALICE is the smaller version of our high end studio BIG Alice. It offers space for up to 2 persons and is equipped with a number of 36 DSLR cameras. Its reduced dimensions make it ideal if you are limited in terms of space and if you are looking for a more compact and mobile studio. littel ALICE can be easily assembled an dismanteld within a few hours.


"Gryphon“ - 3D copysystems‘ latest development is a photogrammetric room scanning device. The major advantage of photogrammetry over the laser scanning technology ist that the scanner also pick ups high resolution texture from rooms and their interieur which makes it a top level content provider for all sorts of virtual reality applications.

3Dcopysystems is an Austrian company headquartered in Graz – UNESCO city of design. We have dedicated ourselves to developing and designing 3D scanning systems based on photogrammetry. Our 3D photostudios are produced in Austria with the highest quality standards. We believe in the potential to copy the world as it is. Our aim is to reach the best accuracy whilst providing the most comforabel and fastest scanning procedure. With over 4 years of market experience Our market we are able to offer an approved technology and a patented system.

Enter the digital world with us through the eyes of Alice – 3D patented photostudio systems

JoFF Rae