Our Harbour Gallery - interactive installation


Our Harbour – Te Awarua-o-Porirua
Children’s Interactive Gallery, Pātaka


The Immersive Space Programme & Pataka ART + Museum are developing an interactive installation that will engage children in an experience that involves the story of the region from Kupe chasing the octopus, settlement & whaling to the development of Porirua City...

“This exciting innovation reimagines the combination of imagery, storytelling, and technology and offers a fresh new way to create lasting impressions of culture, history and opportunity” says iSPARX CEO Finn Beattie "our team is excited..."

The installation commissioned by Gallery Director Reuben Friend is built around the mural by Mat Tait installed in the gallery & research by the Pataka Team led by curator Alice Masters.

Each wall of the Gallery will have an interactive treatment involving touch screens.  The screens will present a jigsaw puzzle with 3 levels of difficulty from U5 to teenagers with mazes & educational games that lead to complete image.

The Installation will also be available for mobile devices with plans to scale to involve locations & content from around the region & throughout Pataka including the Whiti Te Ra exhibition.

This is phase #1 of the installation.  Phase #2 & #3 involves plans to 3D point cloud model Mana Island & other significant locations in the region, create a motion capture experience & further develop immersive technologies for installation & mobile resources.

Working with reliable suppliers Connect NZ for technology, Skyzone NZ for UAV / drone services & Cole Holyoake Design for UI/UX, Plan BETA & iSPARX have a capable & effective team for the development.

Our Harbour – Te Awarua-o-Porirua
Children’s Interactive Gallery, Pātaka

Using colourful wall murals and objects from Pātaka’s history collection plus lots of interactive games, this new children’s gallery explores what life has been like around Te Awarua-o-Porirua Harbour for the people and creatures who have lived here. The harbour has been a unique home to all kinds of birds, fish, insects and some animals for thousands of years, and to people for hundreds of years.

Young visitors and their families can explore our amazing harbour through time and get a glimpse of what life was like a long time ago and in the more recent past.

Image: Our Harbour – Te Awarua-o-Porirua, 2017, illustration detail by artist Mat Tait.

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