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Ruatoki is a multi-media exhibition opening in Ruatoki on July the 31st 2019.

The exhibition is comprised of pieces by artist Billy Apple and artist & activist Tāme Iti.

This exhibition presents narratives of Ruatoki, both personal and shared.

The Ruatoki app & installation is Tāme Iti’s contribution to the exhibition.

“Previous to this project we’ve been constrained to the novelty of immersive technology in other arts or the commercial projects that we’ve developed.” says project Producer Finn Beattie “working with Tāme Iti has been an enlightening experience as he has a perception of shape, sound & the technology that transcends the limited scope of corporate requirement, explores & challenges cultural & historical rhetoric - truely revolutionary!”

The iSPARX developer team believe this may be their most significant work technically & creatively with advanced GPS & positioning & an intensive produced augmented immersive experience.

”The team are honoured, proud & humbled to have been involved with such an auspicious artist & this project. We’ve gained a creative ethic that we will not be able to compromise in future as Tāme has helped develop the direction of our iSPARX product immensely…” says Ethan Wimsett, iSPARX Creative Developer.

Ethan Wimsett worked closely with Tāme Iti over a period of time leading up to publishing the App with a task that involved developing & producing all of the media content including some all night studio sessions & trips to Ruatoki. With the artist grasping the augmented & interactive technology in a manner that he takes a brush to a canvas he painted concepts of digital content involving images, audio & animation that challenged the developers. Ethan translated these concepts & applied them to the technology.

iSPARX Lead Developer James Norling had the task of using our existing concepts of positioning with notifications, server based content & catalogue systems to deliver the content effectively. Testing outside the studio in Wellington City.

Download the app for an experience of the remote version… designed for a preview. Or take an adventure & experience the Ruatoki App on location.


This app “Ruatoki” is an AR art piece and multimedia experience depicting the events that transpired along the “Line of Confiscation”, a 30km long boundary between Tuhoe land, and land confiscated from them by the New Zealand Crown. Audio and visual elements are layered together to create augmented reality scenes, inspired by Tāme Iti’s existing body of work. Users pass through a series of these scenes as they walk down the Line of Confiscation, each one depicting a different aspect of the events surrounding the confiscation.This app has two methods of viewing - “In Range” and “Remote”. The on site component of the app start at the intersection of Awahou Rd and Reid Rd - here’s a google maps link if you need directions!


For specific instructions on how to use each mode, follow the steps within the app.People on site during the exhibition will be able to use the “In Range” mode - this the primary experience, and overlays Augmented Reality content over landscape around the Line of Confiscation.The “Remote” view can be used by people who are not onsite to view the art piece in a 360 degree viewer. The same visual and audio elements are layered over 360 images in place of AR. ** A Brief History of the Line of Confiscation **In 1875 the New Zealand Crown confiscated over 150,000 acres of Maori Tuhoe lands under the guise of purchase. The Tuhoe were threatened with immediate confiscation should they attempt to legitimise their ownership of the land - that they should be happy they were getting any payment whatsoever. In exchange, they received a token payment and 2,500 acres of reserve land.

Ruatoki - an Augmented Reality ART App by ARTIVIST & iSPARX digital for Tāme Iti.

Executive Producer - Joff Rae / ARTIVIST
Producer - Finn Beattie
Creative Director - Ethan Wimsett
Lead Developer - James Norling
Asst Producer - Hohepa / HO RI
Graphic Design - Cole Holyoake
Translation & Story - Toi Iti

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