iSPARX building the Twindom 3D AR App

We’ve been working with Twindom for a couple of years now using a Twinstant Mobile Full Body Scanner capturing over 500 full body models with New Zealand based operator DITTO - processing models of Playmate Amy Lee to attendees at the Annual Weta Party & the Vodafone Warriors...


iSPARX has provided a brief for a dynamic system to deliver simple 3D AR images as an extension of the existing Twindom cloud based production pipeline - allowing Twindom operators & users the ability to preview 3D models in Augmented Reality.

Automated 3D Preview Generation

A 3D Preview Model, processed by the Twindom Cloud Platform from raw photo data, is a basic, digital representation of the final 3D printed figurine, visible while the customer is still on-site at your location. 3D Preview Models are processed using only a minimum viable amount of data (~15 MB) to speed up the processing time (5-10 minutes) and ensure proper transfers on poor internet connections. Print-quality 3D models are generated later, after an order has been placed for a scan.

We will be adding a generated 3D digital model in OBJ format in to the existing Twindom cloud system that will be automatically imported to the iSPARX server for viewing in Augmented Reality with the Twindom Premium 3D AR App. We expect options for in App purchases & AR sharing.

Appreciate art? ditto Like tech? ditto Love fun? ditto Ditto is the fun of realistically, and artistically, recreating yourself in 3D. Remember an occasion, achievement, or special person. Collect a whole sports team, your hero, or a precious pet. Why? Because you can. What you can do, is endless. Our mobile scanning booth (technology exclusive in NZ) takes less than a second to capture a second you. Once you have your high definition 3D images, you can have fun using them online, and printing beautiful impression full-colour figurines. Give memories substance. Make moments stand out. Ditto is all-round fun, for all.

The Twinstant Mobile Full Body 3D Scanner makes running a 3D printed figurine business a breeze with it's easy setup, point and click scanning interface, and built in ecommerce platform. See for more information


The Twindom Twinstant Mobile is a 3D body scanner made by Twindom, a manufacturer based in the US.

The Twindom Twinstant Mobile 3D body scanner uses an hybrid 3D scanning technology, a combination of structured light and photogrammetry 3D scanning technologies. This offers a better accuracy and a faster 3D scanning process.

Twinstant Mobile benefits

This 3D body scanner uses 89 custom integrated cameras and 25 custom integrated projectors installed in 17 poles to provide the fastest and more effective 3D capture possible.

The Twindom Twinstant Mobile is controlled through the Twindom Capture App, which comes pre-installed on the laptop included with the 3D body scanner.

  • Time to picture preview: 5-15 seconds

  • Time to 3D preview model: 5-10 minutes

  • Internet connection: Optional, but required for 3D preview processing.

  • Setup time: Less than 20 minutes.

3D printed figurines business

The Twindom Twinstant Mobile is an ideal option for people looking to start a 3D printed figurine business because of it’s portability (20 minutes setup) and consistent, high quality output.

JoFF Rae