The iSPARX SDK is available to selected developers by application

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  • iSPARX loading screen

  • limited catalogue of items
    (one page of up to 12 items)

AR elements

  • 3D models

  • 2D text & image

  • flat plane & targets

  • delivers 50,000 asset downloads / month


$50 / month

*billed annually


  • customised / dynamic loading screen

  • complex menu system

  • dynamic catalogue system

  • AR commerce carts

AR elements

  • animated 3D models

  • multiple models

  • 360 video / portals

  • 3D navigation & function in scenes

  • notifications • location services • transactions

  • delivers 200,000 asset downloads / month


$150 / month

*billed annually


  • custom build

  • data driven visualisations

  • way finding & IPS

  • live video & dynamic notifications

  • produced content

  • advanced AR / MR services

  • personal dev assistance

custom pricing

*partner programme

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The iSPARX Unity SDK allows users to leverage the iSPARX platform to develop interactive AR applications for iOS and Android.

The SDK is comprised of two elements:

The first is the Core of the SDK. This is the code library that integrates the application with our servers, and enables the downloading, storing, and remote control of assets. This includes location specific delivery of content, as well as other content delivery situations. It also utilises AR via Vuforia/ARKit/ARCore. The Core element of the SDK is usable by an intermediate/advanced Unity developer, and requires knowledge of coding in C# for integration into a project. A developer looking to develop an application outside the bounds of a template may download and use the Core without a Template.

The second element of the SDK is the templates. These enable a Unity user to develop and build an AR app without opening a code editor, and integrate directly into the SDK Core. The first and most basic template provides a user with a Unity package that contains a 12 Item catalogue with ARKit/ARCore ground plane tracking, as well as a Camera to Social Media sharing function, and an Information page. These templates are non-functional without the SDK Core, but require no coding knowledge and a basic knowledge of Unity.

The SDK Core

  • Integrates with our AWS S3 servers for hosted assets and configuration files

    Hosted assets include Unity Asset Bundles (which can be individual models, but also entire 3d scenes including lights), images, video files and audio files.

    Configuration files are written in JSON and are used to define scale, orientation, and position of objects and are generated by the user via the web service side of the platform

    More advanced users can use configuration files to remotely define methods associated with any given asset to enable animation and interactivity.

  • Leverages AKit and ARCore to position Ground Plane tracking AR, and integrates with Vuforia seamlessly for target based/Vuforia ground plane tracking.

SDK Template

  • A Unity Package that can be installed into a project with the SDK Core also installed.

  • Includes a UI template Object for 12 AR Items, linked to the download and control system in the SDK Core. Content and icons are hosted on the iSPARX server.

  • Additional UI elements include navigation menu with Home, Camera, and Info Buttons.
    Camera button takes a screenshot and initiates the native sharing function. Info Page is a separate page that is formatted for an image, text, and the potential for a link to an external webpage.

  • Prefab Game Objects, example scenes, and public variables in scripts enable users to drag and drop to create an AR app from entirely within the Unity Editor. No coding editor is required to create an application using this template.

WEB dev interface

  • Webside interface allows user to define asset configuration information that communicates position and interactivity to the SDK.



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