HiDEout | Abel Smith Street Te Aro Wellington 6011 New Zealand / Aotearoa


The new home for the iSPARX team - a live Plan BETA organised active cell know as the HiDEOUT aka HOME SUiTE HOME

The HiDEOUT is managed by Finn Beattie MD with our resident Lead Developer - James “Resident” Norling.

The immersive media studio SUiTE BOX is the realm of iSPARX media producer & 3D & SFX developer Ethan Wimsett.

ALPHA state is our creative brand managed by producer Joff Rae with his partner & designer Audrey Holyoake - at the boutique innovation lab by Plan BETA, the BUNKER.


the media studio - audio & visual recording & production; edit & SFX;

  • recording / editing / streaming services

  • premier pro, final cut pro, after effects, etc

  • Adobe Creative Suite, etc

  • logic, ableton live

  • 3d studio max, reality capture, maya, etc

  • JBL, Mackie, Focusrite

  • iMAC & PC suitable for video & audio & 3d rendering

photogrammetry; point cloud; 3d modelling & treatment;

  • 3d & 360° studio

  • 3d models, builds, photogrammetry, SFX, etc

• ALPHA state

We develop relevant interactive immersive content & Apps for mobile, web & installation.

This is where iSPARX is a Creative Agency specialising in engaging & unique content; developing event & innovative ideas that will deliver artistic, educational, informative & entertaining commercial experiences.

Collectively involving the Lost Boys Digital & Cole Holyoake Design with selected contractors & suppliers.


“I suggest we put a push button combination door lock on the gate” - Joff

 home SUiTE home


home SUiTE home - the new HQ of the Immersive Space Programme.

iSPARX - the Immersive Space Programme is changing the way we interact with the world.

We’re conducting our usual business developing interactive immersive content. Developing Apps & interactive digital content primarily with Unity, Android Studio & Xcode; with Vuforia & other AR engines; & using specialised location tools including Placenote, IndoorAtlas for IPS & magnetic field & selected brand BLE beacons to deliver hybrid accurate location systems for augmented reality.

iSPARX is making highly functional media content, applications & installations. “home SUiTE home”



Audrey & Joff at the Bunker - photo credit : Jos Wheeler 2019

*an office with a view over to the South Island & Lyall Bay… click to enlarge image

THE BUNKER | Bunker Way Strathmore Park Wellington 6022

Plan BETA is a family business...

A boutique production company developing media projects for live & broadcast events the company has developed in to a group of small businesses in digital media, development & design; & live event & stage production & entertainment. With operations in Wellington, Auckland & Melbourne Plan BETA business is nationwide & international.
Joff & Audrey started this business only 5 years ago but have been doing this all their lives.

Plan BETA : design & media / print & display / event & location services //
• we make engaging events & content! //

Design & Media

• Innovative content for web & online design & delivery with inspired graphic & content

Trade & Activation

• Corporate & Commercial trade display services - we design & install exceptional quality

Event & Location

• Extensive & intensive experience in technical event production & location services

"Once we accept our limits, we go beyond them"
- Albert Einstein